A video of a Nice lady acting as a rich man’s dog has gone viral.


A video of a bootylicious lady serving as a rich man’s dog has gone viral. African women are being pushed to migrate to the Middle East for greener pastures as a result of the region’s economic troubles.

Much has been stated about how many of these women have turned to the oldest profession in history to help them survive the terrible conditions in those countries.

These women are known to engage in high-level dehumanizing behaviors, particularly in the United Arab Emirates.

Unverified films have recently gone viral on social media, with individuals claiming that they show African girls working as rich men’s pets in Dubai.

Many people assume the media item is true because it has received so much attention. A woman in her twenties was caught on camera imitating a dog.

She’s clothed in revealing ensembles that resemble dog fur. And you can hear him barking like a dog.

Watch the Full Video Below;

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