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About Us

Ghcountdown was launched in 2017 as and was lately changed to in 2019 as an online news, Social Media Trends, Celebrities Gossips and music Mp3 site for fans of entertainment worldwide.

Our goal is to create a content platform that provides news about the industry, Social Media Trends, artists, and culture, while allowing the masses around the world to appreciate and understand the genre more.

We strive to keep you updated through exciting and timely articles that will feed your music addiction with a team of writers from across the Ghanaian diaspora.

The content of Ghcountdown, which attracts about six hundred thousand readers per month, is controlled solely by its music fan editors and writers and not by any third parties, such as musicians, distributors, advertisers or other special interests.

The platform is published by Ghcountdown LTD and does not obtain any financing from grants or foreign investors. We would love to hear from you if you have a release that you’d like us to review, a story that you think we should cover, or some input on any part of the web.

Get in contact with us via email. [email protected]

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