”Ah Pot Belly Or Pregnancy?” Photo of pregnant Roman Sister causes stir online

A photo of an unknown Roman Sister who appears to be heavily pregnant has gone viral, raising eyebrows for obvious reasons
Sisters in the Catholic Church do not have s3x or engage in any unGodly activity with males since they have made public vows in a religious order dedicated to apostolic mission.

Nuns, on the other hand, lead a secluded monastic life focused on prayer. The title “sister” is used by both nuns and sisters as a form of address.

Their primary responsibilities include caring for the destitute, giving education, assisting the sick, and participating in missionary and religious activities.

The holy woman stood in front of a restaurant setting, wearing a nose mask and draped in nuns’ regalia.

Her big tummy is the photo’s major attraction, which is why tongues are already wagging.

Look at the image below.

''Ah Pot Belly Or Pregnancy'' Photo of pregnant Roman Sister causes stir online

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