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Ayibge Edem breaks silence on his new occupation aside singing


We have always heard people say that it is risky putting all your eggs in one basket; to avoid this risk, musician Edem has decided to, this year, take up another business alongside the music that he does.

One can tell that the income from the music alone is not sustainable enough for Edem especially in this period of uncertainty where no one seems to have answers to what is happening to the world.

It is a good thing to do business, but what is a bit interesting here is the type of business Edem has chosen amongst so many others to engage in this year.

The Goget’em man declared that he is going into drugs, but just what type of drugs is Edem going to deal in?

t appears it is a drug that quite a sizeable number of Ghanaians need right now so it is safe to say that Edem is set to make a lot of money out of it.

With the right promotion of this business, he is going to enjoy very good patronage, particularly when people get to find out that the drug is capable of curing the apparent thoughtfulness in our society.

I’ve hidden the drug from you enough but here you go: he announced that he is going to deal in common sense pills.

We could be unanimous in concluding that this pill Edem wants to sell this year is one a lot of people in Ghana need, and it’s just great that someone like Edem is dedicating himself to selling it to us.

This year I want to go into drugs..I want to sell common sense pills #Favour #Gbevu,” Edem announced.

I guess we just need to wait for the outlets when these common sense pills are ready and made available in the market.

Since we have a common-sense family around, it is not out of place that we are getting a common sense pill available to us for use soon.

See screenshot below;

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