”Bottle dance Moves”, As A Ghanaian lady Causes stir at a wedding [Watch]

There was a time when dancing at a wedding was a straightforward affair. Request that the DJ play something romantic and shuffle around.

However, the digital era has changed everything. We’re seeing more and more viral videos of brides and grooms performing jaw-dropping dancing skills for their guests.

This lady’s dance moves from a wedding ceremony in Ghana, on the other hand, raise the bar.

The well-endowed lady jumped up impulsively during the wedding ceremony and began commencing some strange dancing routines with an empty water bottle, in a never-before-seen dance routine.

She was clearly picturing herself executing the motion with any male whose ‘thing’ was long enough to make her salivate.

She approached her ‘downtown’ with the bottle and began pushing and turning it clockwise, leaving thirsty guys gasping.

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