#BussItChallenge: Lady Removes Her Tawol & Shows Trumu To Join “Buss It” Challenge On Tiktok [Watch]


Buss It Challenge has gone viral as ladies on tiktok are anticipating heaveyly in ghana. Today there is this lady who has rushed into this challenge and has finally gone bad.

The dance challenge is inspired by American rapper Erica Banks’ hit song “Buss it” on her debut album.

The challenge, started by 18-year-old Erika Davila who invited Tiktok users to participate has seen hundreds of thousands of participants across the world including celebrities all trying to prove they can do it much better.

The “Buss It” challenge requires participants to look busted while wearing no makeup and average home clothes during Nelly’s line for the first video.

Then a follow-up clip shows them dropping it down low and twerking to Erica Banks’ heavy trap chorus while dressed up with full-face makeup.

The trend which has since found itself to Nigerian online community has got many people jumping on the challenge with some getting creative and others, making hilarious versions.

Check out this video that has taken social media by storm :

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