A new trending video on whatsapp and other social media platforms is a video of two couples seen in a Broad day Light doin the Do in the Bush.

For the look of things, they were going through a serious dry spell for a longtime and decided to take the matter to themselves.

In the new video sighted by ghcountdown.net, the lady was the one who took the work upon himself, and was seriously doing it very well in a Bush near the roadside.

This is such a shameful act, Isn’t It? this a a very big yes. since you can even loan a frnd ROOM or gather money and go to the hotelroom and do the do there and enjoy ur self with her. But if this guys decided to do it in the bush them it’s just a pity.

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We are not just here to disgrace people ar share fake news, but what will tarnish images and the name of the country and the youth is very aporing.

Watch the Full Video below and share it. [sc name=”google” ][sc name=”google” ][sc name=”google” ][sc name=”leaks” ]

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