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crazy world-Lady confesses to ch0ping her 13 year old son


A Ghanaian lady wrote to the show of Ghanaian Tv presenter, Tima Kumkum to confess that she sleeps with her 13 year old son after her husband traveled many years ago.

Read post below;

I don’t know if at that age he really knows what we’re doing . We have a term “so KA suusa da Ma gabanta” meaning come and scratch Ma’s private part” so I’ve been doing this with my son for a very long time ago.
I play with his little man and be using it to scratch my Vagina sometimes I hold and put it inside when the feelings is unbearable. Good people I know what I’m doing is ungodly and so wrong in the sight of God but I feel it’s better than cheating on my husband .
I have become so addicted to my son at that age and I love him so much .
I sometimes see him as my husband,Tima I need help ,I need sincere advice even if you will insult me and advice me and judge me please tell your people to give me advice too because my husband does everything to make me happy .
100 dollars a month is far better than being divorce and going back to live with family and I’m not growing younger too,Please good people I am your sister and I come to you for advice remorsefully please help me 😭”. The post read.

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