Date Rush Contestants Who Were Trolled In Episode 11


The eleventh episode of the current season of Date Rush has aired. It’s still the Kumerica Edition, where the majority of the Akan ladies are invited. Every week, something extraordinary occurs, and this week is no exception. The date females that were heavily trolled and what they were trolled for are listed below.

Date Rush Contestants Who Were Trolled In Episode 11
Date Rush Contestants Who Were Trolled In Episode 11

Queenstar has been dubbed a “Low-Budget Fatima.”

Because she shares Fatima’s temperament and lack of English fluency, Queenstar has become a new fan favorite. Netizens have discovered a popular cartoon figure that closely resembles her, even down to the haircut and clothes she wore.

Queenstar’s comments were quite amusing, leading to her being trolled even more. When one of the male competitors claimed that he is seeking for a curvy woman, the audience erupted in laughter. Queenstar, who is fairly frail, said that she is willing to take drugs in order to achieve the shape Chris desires.

Chris Mocked Over His Bad English

It’s nothing new for internet users to make fun of date rush participants because of their English skills. Chris, the episode’s first male participant, was mocked to the max after he botched a number of his sentences. His wingman met the same fate, and it got even worse when the account he gave the show didn’t match Chris’s explanation for why he was single.

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