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Dating A Woman Who Cannot Help You Financially When You’re Broke Is A Total Waste Of Time – Somadina Adinma

Nollywood actor, Somadina Adinma has disclosed the category of women who are a total waste of time when dating them.

In a Snapchat post, he pointed out that if a guy is dating a lady who cannot help him financially when he’s broke, then it’s a total waste of time staying in a relationship with such a lady.

“Dating a lady who cannot help you finally when you’re broke is a total waste of time”, he wrote on Snapchat.

A lady replied to him that the only way this can be possible is when the man invests in the lady.

She wrote: “Invest on the lady too so she can help you when u are broke not carrying different girls around then wen u are broke u go dey find a good girl”

Another guy agreed that indeed dating a broke woman is just disturbing.


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