“Eii Some Cross Dressers Look Like Pigs Ruff”-Bobrisky Jabs James Brown

Known as “Bobrisky,” Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju says that some Nigerian crossdressers don’t deserve to be called crossdressers because they are not good enough to be called crossdressers by other people.

According to him, some so-called crossdressers in Nigeria look like pigs right now, so they don’t need to call themselves that.

''Eii Some Cross Dressers Looks Like Pigs Ruff'' - Bobrisky Jabs James Brown
”Eii Some Cross Dressers Looks Like Pigs Ruff” – Bobrisky Jabs James Brown

James Brown is one of his rivals. In a post on Instagram, Bobrisky said that people who wear wigs and say they are crossdressers need to be healthy before they do that.

Even though he didn’t say James Brown’s name, fans already think he was referring to him because of their past fight.

Several years ago, James Brown and Bobrisky came to blows over who was the best crossdresser in Nigeria.

Both of these people have competed with each other on social media to disprove the other person’s claims. It is thought that Bobrisky’s recent post was aimed at James Brown in an indirect way.
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