Five Things You Must Know Before Getting Into The Sports Betting Game


So you’ve heard that someone won a million cedis from sports betting and you want to hop into the game?

Hang on a second, winning a million from sports betting is not as easy as it seems. In fact, winning anything at all is very difficult.

In order to win money from sports betting, you need the lines to fall into the right places. You need plenty of luck.

Sports betting is not exact science or mathematics, where two plus two is always equal to four. Sometimes, two plus two may be equal to 1000 in sports betting!

In this article, we will take you through five things you must know before diving into sports betting.

  1. Winning is never guaranteed with sports betting

Know this and know peace. 

You may be the greatest football researcher and analyst in the world, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful in sports betting.

Time and over again, experts and tipsters have been made to look like random fools by the outcomes of sporting events.

Think about Greece winning the 2004 European Championship or Denmark winning Euro 1992,  and you’ll understand how unpredictable sporting events are.

Don’t let anyone deceive you about “sure bets” or things like that. There is nothing sure in sports betting.

  1. Sports betting is entertainment and not a job

The mistake many Ghanaians often make is to see sports betting as a route to easy money. That is just not true. Sports betting is not a job.

At least, with a job, you know you will be getting some money at the end of the month, or at the end of the week, depending on the type of work you do!

With sports betting, you have no clue when your next payday will be.

So please, train your mind to view sports betting as entertainment, rather than a money-making venture. You will save yourself a lot of heartache in this way.

  1. Bet with money you can afford to lose

Following on from the point above, you should only bet with money that you can afford to lose.

No one wants to lose money, but that is one of the perks of sports betting.

You need to understand that every money you wager on a sports bet will likely be lost.

Of course, you may get lucky and win your bet, which is great, but you must prepare your mind for the eventuality of a lost bet.

Don’t spend money that you have put aside for something else on sport betting, neither should you spend borrowed money.

  1. Learn to take breaks

Losing bets consistently can be very frustrating, which is why you must learn to take breaks when things are not going your way.

Rather than ploughing in more money into betting, stop for a while, regroup and try again when you have regained your balance.

Don’t fall into the nasty trap of “chasing your losses“, an expression given to the practice of spending more money on betting in an attempt to recover lost funds. Chasing losses is very unwise and often never ends well.

If you think you have lost too much money on sports betting, the best thing to do is to take a break. You can always come back to it when you feel better. 

  1. Use a good betting site

Yes, you can make life much better for yourself by choosing a good betting site.

There are so many betting sites online these days that it is almost impossible to know which is great and which isn’t.

The best way to solve this problem is to use globally reputable sites like betway, which have been operating for years in several markets around the world.

It also helps if the site has a Ghanaian licence, as this means they have passed all the integrity and reliability tests performed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

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