Audiomack in Ghana is one of the fastest-growing music promoting and Streaming platforms which gives the chance to every artist or even individuals to upload their content Via the platform for streaming and downloading them offline and get it played only on the app.

Since Audiomack is now ranked the biggest and largest streaming platform, there are unlimited uploads of the latest music there every day. Even Mp3 songs are uploaded on Audiomack before any other platform.

In this article, thanks to Ghcountdown.net for bringing you the tips on how you can download unlimited songs directly to your phone music library from Audiomack, even if you have a poor network or a little amount of data bundle to stream the type of music you are looking for.

Below is a simple tutorial on how to download all songs from the Audiomack app to your mobile phone.

How To Download Audiomack Song To Your Phone

As I have already said in my introduction, music mp3 is sometimes needed for additional purposes like Music dance, an event, or activities that do not need to be played online. Audiomack also gives you the chance to save them offline and use them as well.

But my question is, How do you get them when you want to use them for video editing or in case you don’t have enough bundle to download them?

I will help solve this problem for you today with the steps below.

NOTE: This will work only on android devices and with any version of your android 4.4.4 up to date.

  1. Open the Audiomack app, and download a song of your choice offline. Make sure the song was fully downloaded before your continue with the next step.

  2. Locate File Manager/ My files on your android phone in the image shown below.

  3. After Opening the file manager on your phone, point to the Internal storage.

Internal Storage - How To Download Songs From Audiomack To Your Phone

  1. After locating Internal Storage, Point to  Android on the menu opened, as shown below.

Android Circuled - How To Download Songs From Audiomack To Your Phone

  1. Open the folder named Android and Click on Data. There will be additional Folders named obj, media, and obb, please chose Data.

  1. Opening Data, you will also see many folders there, try and find a folder named ‘com.audiomack‘ and open it.

How To Download Songs From Audiomack To Your Phone

  1. There are another two folders inside the Audiomack file named Files and Cache. Choose Files and open them.

  1. Files also contain an Audiomack folder, Open it again and find your saved or offline downloaded music there.

Note: The song will be displayed in number form like (346654) as shown below.

Now, this particular file can’t be played in this mode. For example, if you downloaded a song named ”DJ Armani Kay” this is the time for you to rename the file into an Mp3 format.

  1. Change the file to an mp3 format by renaming the file in the image below.

Rename circled - How To Download Songs From Audiomack To Your Phone

  1. Type in the title of the song as you find it on the Audiomack app or any other name you wish to add.

DJ Armani Kay - How To Download Songs From Audiomack To Your Phone

Note: The mp3 must be in a lower case in other for it to work properly and played well.


I hope you have really enjoyed the content we have served you today, and your problems on how to get audio music directly on your phone with our simple tutorials given.

Since Audiomack is hosed with thousands of songs of your choice and even cant be found on free downloading sites, Ghcountown.net tried his possible best to come out with this nice article for you.

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