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I don’t always create hit songs- KiDi

I don't always create hit songs- KiDi
I don’t always create hit songs- KiDi

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It seems all KiDi needs to do is to wave his magic wand and viola, he creats a banger.

Since he hit the limelight in 2017, he has been consistent with the kind of music he puts out on the market. It has been one hit song after the other.

Just name them Enjoyment, Say Cheese, Thunder, Adiepena, Odo, Say Love Me among others.

But the Highlife and Afrobeats singer/songwriter says he has no magic wand because he doesn’t always get it right.

Yes, not all his works come out like the head bopping, feet tapping and body swaying music he is known for.

In an Instagram Live Chat with Graphic Showbiz, KiDi also known as Sugar Daddy revealed he sometimes gets it wrong and makes songs that do not see the light of day because they are not that good.

“I personally believe in inspiration and not forcing myself to do music. If I’m in the studio and I get the inspiration to do a song, I do it. But not every song I’ve recorded is nice. I mean some of them don’t come out well.

“I’ve recorded songs that were not so nice so I threw them away. People think every song I make is a banger. No, they are not always like that.

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“For instance, I can make 10 songs and just five will come out right. So with the ones which do not sound too good, I either make them better or change them all together.

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“I need to enjoy a song for it to come out. If I don’t enjoy it, then I feel nobody else will enjoy it too. I also play it to my team members to make sure it’s a great song before it comes out,” he said.

Talking about how he manages stardom, the Enjoyment hitmaker who is currently promoting his Blue EP says he has no formula but just goes with the flow.

“There’s no handbook on how to manage stardom. I just go with the flow and ask God to guide me through the things that come my way. It’s just me learning how to navigate my life through all that come my way,” he stated.

KiDi born Dennis Nana Dwamena says he prayed to God to make him great so he is not surprise by the blessings that came his way.

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“I prayed to God for it. When I started music, I told God if this is what he wants me to do, he should let me grow in it. I’m happy God is answering my prayers and everything is moving according to what I asked God for,” he added.


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