I struggled with him, but he was able to ch00p me because of the ‘Indomie’ [email protected] I was wearing – Lady (Video)


A young lady who is yet to be known has shared her sad story in an interview with her presenter about how a man forced her to have his way with her. In the video sighted by, the lady explained the type of [email protected] she was wearing.

The man was unconcerned about her and began a struggle with her. According to her, she fought this man for a long time before surrendering to him. The man was able to have his way and do anything he wanted as a result of this.

“Weren’t you wearing 9ants when going to sleep?” the Presenter asked the lady. “I was wearing 9ants,” the lady replied. The presenter asked, “What kind of 9ants were you wearing?” The lady said that the 9ants she was wearing were known as ‘indomie’ 9ants. The host stated that she had never heard of or seen such 9ants before and that the lady should explain.

The lady explained that the name of the trousers comes from the shape of the 9ants.

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