It’s been three years since the passing of one of Ghana’s favorite and youngest musician, Ebony Reigns. Ebony and her friend were involved in a Ghastly accident that took her life and that of her best friend Frankie.

Her death shook the whole nation because she was such a bubbly and lovable girl who lived her life to the fullest.

Reacting to the death, her biological sister, Yaa Foriwaa took to her Instagram page to say that even though it’s been three years since Ebony left the land of the living, it still feels like she died moments ago.

In the post, Yaa Foriwaa expressed how heartbroken she was about the whole situation and how she still keeps her sister in her heart and will forever remember her.

She simply wrote; Today marks exactly 3yrs you departed. Yet the wounds and heartbreak feel fresh, like it happened moments ago, Forever in our hearts. Keep on Resting well Nana”.


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