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Kuami Eugene discloses why he abandoned his parents to embark on his dream


Ghanaian singer Kuami Eugene has explained why he has to leave his parents home at age 18 to pursue his music career.

According to him, conditions at home at that time were not favourable and supportive of his dream of becoming a “Rockstar.”

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on the United Showbiz Show last night, Kuami Eugene said his father got weary of his presence at home and the noise pollution he was causing in the name of making music.

“My father loved and supported my dreams but he gave up when my music was not making it to the top. Therefore, he one day unplugged the computer I was working on and in effect destroyed the systems I was working with.”

Kuami Eugene also added that he had to resort to using her mother’s kitchen as a mini studio since his father was not ready to accommodate him in the room. At last, he decided to leave home to go out there where he will have the freedom and peace of mind to do what he loves best.

“I opened a mini studio in my mother’s kitchen where I helped boys in the area to make music so I could get some money to get by. Sometimes, I had to force my mother to make space for me in the kitchen so I could continue with my studio work.”

“It got to a time when I just decided I needed to leave and that really helped,” he said in Twi.

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