Lady kills herself after being accused of being a witch


Judith Appiah Kubi is a 22-year-old lady who has committed suicide after a pastor declared her a witch and her family also supported it by maltreating her.

This unfortunate event occurred at a town called Assin Dawomako in the Central Region. According to reports, Judith has suffered maltreatment from her family following a pastor’s claim that she is a witch.

The unfortunate story which was reported by Angel FM had it that Judith left her home, relocated to a place called Assin Fosu just to escape from the pain and torture she was going through at home.

From being starved, beaten and treated like a piece of trash, Judith who believed she wasn’t a witch found no escape route as everybody pointed accusing fingers at her for any misfortune that befell the family.

Judith’s mother was a major source of her plight and discomfort as she made sure the lady had no peace. From tracing her everywhere she goes, to telling landlords and benefactors to eject her, Judith faced a hell of a time as an accused witch yet to be proven.

Before drinking a poisonous substance to end it all, this same pastor accused Judith of trying to use her witchcraft to end the life of her mother when she fell sick. The accusation mounted, Judith had no one to speak to for help and she decided to end it all, unfortunately.

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