Lifeless body of baby boy found inside refuse bag collected at Suame Maakro

Residents of Suame Maakro Police House have been thrown into a state of shock after discovering the lifeless body of a newly born baby wrapped in a rice sack.

A scavenger who is also a refuse collector chanced on the baby when he went to dump refuse collected on the dumping site and dragged it to shore in curiosity.

The content which drew crowds to the place was a dead baby wrapped in white bed sheets with a hospital drip syringe fastened to the arm of the baby.

An eyewitness Kobby Mensah who narrated the scene to Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo revealed,” We heard the refuse collector shouting and when he saw the lifeless body of the baby and we went there to witness the situation”.

According to him, “The refuse collector told us that he doesn’t know where exactly he picked the refuse which contains the lifeless body of the baby”.

“He told us that, he went to one house to collect refuse but a certain lady told him not to touch her refuse but she directed him to go and collect the money in the house. Though he can’t say it was the lady who dumped the baby he suspects her”.

Meanwhile, the landlord of the Police house took the lifeless body of the baby to the police station to formally lodge a complaint

The scavenger has been invited by Suame Police Command to assist in their investigations to unravel the heartless woman who dumped the baby in a dustbin.

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