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Martha Ankomah reveals all the fake celebrities in Ghana – Video


It has become so characteristic of celebrities all over the world to flaunt their assets from social media but according to Martha Ankomah most of the things on the front are for advertisement purposes but we celebrate it wouldn’t let their followers know it as such

To her most of these celebrities live fit life on social media as they do not own some of the things they show kids on social media

Martha Ankomah added that some of the things they get are for free from business owners who wants them to get the message out there for people so that people will know about their business

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She is quoted to have said: “I see a lot on my social media page. Most people are living a fake life on social media. Some of us get things for free and so when we wear them, you can see that we are advertising and so if you do not post for the people who follow you to see that this woman is selling something and there is a young girl at home and you write hard work, you’re deceiving the kids. Let people know that aside acting you have other side businesses.

Let people know your side hustle is what is making you take first class flights, because your lifestyles put pressure on the youth. If we are not sincere to the people about what we do so that they do not put pressure on themselves to do what we do.”

Watch the interview below

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