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Meet the popular Slay Queen who was caught for stealing 800 cedis


In this latest instance, a lady known on Facebook as Paintsil Nanaadwoa has let the lid off on the trick that she used on a guy and successfully made away with some Ghs800 belonging to the guy.

It is quite an open secret that once you do make to a guy’s house, you shouldn’t be expecting to leave the way you came unless there is some mutual understanding between you two to slam the door shut on your ‘honeypot’.

On this occasion, Nanaadwoa didn’t want to get bonked, so she devised a trick that would help her escape but not with some cash in her pocket as the guy probably wouldn’t wet her palms if she decided to leave just like that.

According to her own narration, she acted all horny and laid on the bed as if to say, “come have me, here I’m”.

But it was all just antics to drill a hole into the guy’s pocket, unknown to him.

She asked the guy to go get her some juice which he hurriedly did and then she executed her plan to perfection by stealing Ghs800 from the guy and bolted with it even before the guy arrived.

“I just lay on the bed acting all ready and then I asked him to buy me some fruit juice or food when he left I stole his ghc800 and ran away sia boy anka )bedi me…I hope he hasn’t b)) me dua.”

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