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Nigerian actor discloses why many men will not renew their marriage certificates if it expired


Marriage certificates do not expire, thankfully, because it is unimaginable how many of them will be left in the room unrenewed.

One would be obliged to renew their drivers’ licenses and any others because they can’t be done without no matter how dissatisfied one is with what they get there.

Marriage certificates, once we get them to certify our marriages, have no expiry on them.

They are to be kept for a lifetime until we join our ancestors any time we are called.

As it is with any other life matters, people will always have their views about marriages.

Owing to the frequent expressions of dissatisfaction by some husbands, one would not be wrong in saying that marriage certificates, if renewable like any other license, will see a chunk of men refusing to renew them.

This is the firm belief held by one of Nollywood’s finest actors, Kevin Ikeduba.

The actor is of the firm belief that some men wouldn’t renew their marriage certificates if they were to have any sort of expiry on them.

Do you find the same view as held by Kevin Ikeduba or you think otherwise?

The rate at which divorces happen these days will back this assertion because when you get unsatisfied by something that needs renewal, you just won’t waste time doing it.

Below is a screenshot of Kevin Ikeduba’s view about marriage certificates if they were to be renewable like licenses:

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