Nurses And Midwives To Renew Their PIN/AIN Via Online
Nurses And Midwives To Renew Their PIN/AIN Via Online

Of late, the renews of PIN and AIN have become a headache for some people as they find it difficult going to regional offices to get their pin/ain registered. Without an updated pin you may or will be penalized for that since the PIN and AIN indicates that the council knows you to be their work and also working with qualifies results.

Is NMC PIN/AIN Registered Online 2021 

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana has announced that nurses and their assistants, as well as midwives, will now be able to renew their PIN/AIN via a new online payment system.

“We are happy to inform you that #NurseAssistants, #Nurses and #Midwives can now renew the PIN/AIN through our new #online payment system,” the Council wrote on their Facebook page.

How To Renew Your Pin/Ain Online 2021

Nurses And Midwives To Renew Their PIN/AIN Via Online

  1. To have access to the system, one would have to download the NMC Mobile App via the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Afterward, the individual can create an account and follow the steps to make a payment.
  3. When payment is made, one would receive an SMS as proof.


How to renew your PIN/AIN online is finally here, and also due to the pandemic, there is no need been in a cue at regional offices just renew your PIN/AIN.

Just go online and Download the NMC App and follow the steps above to renew them.

The Council suggested that its members contact the “Public Affairs Directorate” in the event that they face challenges during the procedure.

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