Osei Kwame Despite Buys “Ford Coupe” A New Vintage Car With Special Customisations (Photos)

Osei Kwame Despite buys "Ford Coupe" a new vintage car with special customisations (Photos)
Osei Kwame Despite buys “Ford Coupe” a new vintage car with special customisations (Photos)

Millionaire and business magnate, Osei Kwame Despite has added another vintage car (Ford Coupe) to his expensive garage.

Ghana’s Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most successful businessmen we can boast Of.

As the chairman of the Despite Group of
Companies, he controls a conglomerate that spans interests in trading, manufacturing, real estate and media.

Though he is rarely seen on TV or heard on the radio, his philanthropic works and wealth always secure him a spotlight in the media.

The latest about the businessman is his
purchase of a new Ford Coupe vintage car with special customisation.

A photo of the car has just surfaced on social media showing it to be a yellow-coloured vehicle.

The new vehicle features special customisations. At the back of the car, there initials ‘OKD’ is written on the tailgate .

OKD is known to be the initials of the businessman’s name, Osei Kwame Despite. Apart from the the initials, the car has customised licence number plate which reads as ‘D 61 – 21’.jeff.

Take a look:

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