See How a “Crab” Caught a Guy “Testis” whiles Swimming In A River (Watch Video)
See How a “Crab” Caught a Guy “Testis” whiles Swimming In A River (Watch Video)

Each and everyday in the world, things happend on and on and strangely. Today here is a sad funny video sighted by ghcountdown.net which we want to share.

In the Video, a boy was seen swimming in an unknown river seen somewhere. the did a marvelous skills inside the water and he swimmer very well.

He even stopped for sometime and sat there and rest, all of a sudden he threw himself into the river again to his massive skill again.

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within a short period of time, all we could hear is , agyeiii agii agaeiii, aaahhhhh, Mawuoooo, and many styles of screams.

some guys around approaches the scene and saw the guy in the condition, they try hugging him up and bring him out.

😳😳😱 all they could see is a crab holding the Testis hardly of this man. As we all know this animal is very rigid when he catches you with his hands.

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We don’t know if this is funny, Sad, or naa.

Watch the Full Video below

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