“Sika Duro Ay3ka” Ibrah One Runs Mad (Video)


Ibrah One Runs Mad in a new Video trending all over. Ghanain self-acclaimed millionaire – Ibrah One has been spotted on the streets wretched and looks out of his senses.

Ibrah One Runs Mad (Video)

According to trolls on social media, it is said to be “Money Ritual” that has caused him this.

In the video, He was seen roaming around on the streets up and down, looks worried and

In spite of the lack of concrete details, videos circulating on social media have sparked fears that the controversial social media personality has indeed lost his mind, despite the lack of concrete reports.

Another video shows Ibrah lying on the pavement of a busy street. If the person spotted in the viral video is in fact Ibrah One, we haven’t dug deep enough into the case to know what’s behind his problems, such as his mental instability.

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