Silhouette Challenge is now the new crazy social media trend every lady wants to engage herself in. Some understand the challenge, and others don’t even know what is all about.  A lady almost got her hands cut off by a ceiling after she stood on her bed to record a video of herself for this challenge.

The lady in a video we had a chance on, seemed very ready to record her video for the Silhouette Challenge. The yet to be identified lady was not so lucky as the fan in her room was right on top of her bed.

After perfectly positioning her phone, she stood on her bed, and when she raised her hands to begin moving her body the fan’s blade hit her hands.

Filled with pain, the young woman screamed and quickly got off the bed to pick the phone.

It was such a painful one for her, even watching the video alone will let you imagine the pain she might have gone through.

Since no one sent her to record the video for the Silhouette Challenge, we can only leave her to bear the pain.

The phone with which she was recording the video captured the moment and it got into the public domain.

Watch the video of the new  #SilhouetteChallenge below and Download:

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