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The meaning of 1Don & 1Gad, Used By Shatta Wale And Stonebwoy Will Shock You


Ghanaian reigning artists, Charles Nii Armah Mensah by stage name as ”Shatta Wale” and Livingstone Este Satekla was also known by his stage name as ”Stonebwoy” has caused confusion on social media with their rhythms Music releases this year.

The meaning of 1Don & 1Gad, Used By Shatta Wale And Stonebwoy Will Shock You
The meaning of 1Don & 1Gad, Used By Shatta Wale And Stonebwoy Will Shock You

Firstly, Shatta Wale kickstarts the year with a song tagged – 1Don with massive visuals and is still in the waves of trending and fans to jamming to it, as he suffered last year without making a hit song.

Shatta Wale - 1 Don (Prod. By Beatz Vampire)
Shatta Wale – 1 Don

Shatta Wale – 1 Don (Prod. By Beatz Vampire)

Some days ago, Bhim fans too went hard on their supremo, Stonebwoy, as he has delayed in releasing a new song this year. The Putuu hitmaker also adheres to his fan’s demands and tried to serve them with a massive hit song with the caption – ”1GAD”. Oooosshhh!!!!, fans reacted as the cover art to the song finally arrived with a shadow of his head being ahead of a Goat and himself wearing white clothes.

Stonebwoy - 1GAD
Stonebwoy – 1GAD

Stonebwoy – 1GAD (Prod. By StreetBeatz)

Now, there is confusion here, as the two rivals are captioning their songs in the same way.

In this article, Ghcountdown.net has tried as much as possible to provide you with the meaning of both 1Don and 1Gad.[sc name=”google” ]

What Is The Meaning Of Don and Gad

After we have gone through a massive search on Google, ‘Gad’ means “to go from place to place in the pursuit of pleasure”.

1Gad/GAD Means?

More so, ‘GAD’ also means ‘luck or fortune’ in Hebrew. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Gad is the first son of Jacob.

Furthermore, from the Biblical perspective, Gad means a seer or prophet..

So now 1Gad is cleared here, No long Talk……..

Check out some screenshots that will serve as a reference to what we are meaning.Meaning of Gad

1DON means?

That’s it for ‘Gad’, now, let’s look at ‘Don’.

Breaking down the meaning of Don, it means a ‘University teacher, especially a senior member of a college at Oxford or Cambridge’.[sc name=”google” ]

Don is also a Spanish title accorded with someone deemed to be a gentleman. Again, the head of a gang or a mafia family is also referred to as a Don.

In summary, 1 Don could mean Shatta Wale is portraying himself as a professor in his field of music or the leader of a gang. And that he’s the number one Don


Then talking about 1Gad, Stonebwoy could also be portraying that he’s a traveler who hops from one place to another for pleasure purposes. Of course, music gives pleasure, and he has said on a lot of platforms that it’s music that makes him happy.

Evidently, Stonebwoy is one of the Ghanaian musicians who has traveled most — he’s fond of traveling the globe to meet new people in the music field and also for his tours. So the above description of Gad fits him.

Now, talking from the Biblical point of view, the BHIM Nation boss could also be saying that he’s a seer or a prophet of Dancehall who carries luck and fortune.

We see these traits in his words and actions, the BHIM boss is known for his highly spiritual and deep worded tunes. And he has always said that he wants his type of music to transcend generations.

Talking about luck, Stonebwoy has won awards and stepped foot on many platforms that even his ‘seniors in the game’ couldn’t have the opportunity to fulfill. Even though we can attribute these achievements to his hard work, there’s an iota of luck therewith.

Hence, 1 Gad could mean he’s the only lucky seer in his field of music.

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