This how Agya Koo tried to destroy the career of Frank Naro

Without mincing words at all, Frank said Agya Koo openly expressed hatred for him and even asked producers and directors not to work with him because he claimed he was disrespectful.

Speaking on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ hosted by Halifax Ansah-Addo on Okay FM Friday morning, Frank Naro said despite the setbacks – he was able to move ahead to his current growth.

“When I started acting, there were many seniors in the game who didn’t like my energy. I remember one day, when we were on set acting, there was a colleague actor who said my usage of words shouldn’t be tolerated – all because he felt threatened with the said words so was avoiding it from hitting the mainstream media. The said person wasn’t a producer or director oooo, he was an actor just like me but he was permitted because he was senior.

“There were several times, that sort of pull him down attitude. There was one star that even refused to be on set with me. Agya Koo on several occasions tormented me during my acting days but he’s my father now so I don’t like talking about it. When I became a big star myself, I was then described as disrespectful – he moved it from one stage to the other” he said.

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