Thomas Partey Reveals How He Spent His Money Buying Indomie For Girls- Video

Ghanaian international Thomas Partey confirmed to Adam Carruthers from Malasia in a virtual interview that while he was growing up in Ghana, he wasted money on Indomie because of women.
The Arsenal midfielder that the ladies who admired (or inversely that he admired) requested only thing from him- to buy them Indomie while joking that he can easily be an ambassador for the instant noodles company.

He jokingly stated that he wanted to sue the indomie makers for causing him to lose a lot of money buying noodles for these girls. “That food took all my monies,” he said amidst laughter.

Indomie took all the guy’s money in Ghana. Those times when you get a new girl, their first request was to buy me indomie. Everything Indomie. Who even brought indomie?” he questioned.

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