A popular Ghanaian Twitter influencer called Akua Saucy is fast trending after her videos and pictures got online. Per reports, one @Kwaby_Skrilla dropped the photos and videos of Akua Saucy who is known on Twitter as @Ayam_July on the platform.

The reason behind the @Kwaby_Skrilla act has been established but it has caused a stir on Twitter with many lambasting him over such a childish act.

Apparently, according to @Kwaby_Skrilla, Akua Saucy had stolen his phone, which he had warned her about, but she refused to return it, so he dropped her photos and videos as a form of punish to her.

See some Photos of Her

Unfortunately, our site policies do not permit us to publish the said photos but to watch videos and also more see pictures, Click Here TO WATCH AND DOWNLOAD ALL VIDEOS AND PHOTOS

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