Masicka – Update (Prod. By TJ Records)

Masicka - Update
Masicka – Update

Masicka – Update audio Mp3 Download. Talented Jamaican Dancehall sensational – Masicka is out with yet a new anticipated tune dubbed – Update, a free Mp3 Download.

Update by Masicka was produced by TJ Records with a massive music lyrics download.

Listen, Stream, and Download ‘Update’ Mp3 below and share it.

Masicka – Update [Download]

Update Lyrics by Masicka 

Doe bad
Ya talking it in vain
One syde ya hear dat
Eh happen already

Everybody up (yeah)
Gi dem update
Everybody up, love eh look
Yeah, Gi dem a update

[Verse 1]
Way mi do
Spend a couple dubplate, mek ‘e club shake
Living legend pon di asphalt, know dem mus hate
Slim gyal a swing eh pussy
Gyal yuh carry nuff weight
Everybody up-up, gi dem a update
Nuff shotas fi run out, just wait
Tough crackers, dem badness a cupcake
Anuh buss clappers, a bruk foot a ducktape
Gyal love backaz, top gyal mi fuck, straight
How do swamp look? bankbook a chump weight
A big move, old broom, Nuff rake
A clean sweep , muss wakе
Nuh escape, house liff up, lеf gate
Love ‘e look, bore up a chestplate
Love ‘e look, roll up a next grade
One crocodile, pussy dem a pet snake
Run wid mi style, gi dem a update
Move anything, if anuh me a must fate
Hustler a hustler, oh yea mi love scrape
Rise early, murder di son, mi work late
Pussy why you think mi thing never fluctuate
Love ‘e look, gi dem a update
Seizure, gyal see we and just shake
Wah Dealid me balls like seh she a suck grape
London gyal woulda say “yes mate”
Trinidad, New York, Upstate
Mi nine other gyal, pussy dem love hate
Weh mi seh? Badness upgrade
Fuss matic, black clarks, tuff suede
Line dem up, think mi a run fade?
See mi wah, pussy dem just fraid
Shooting, murder, gun trade
Mi jump on just bathe

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Everybody up (yeah)
Gi dem update
Everybody up, love eh look
Yeah, Gi dem a update

[Verse 2]
Nah miss him, nah miss him, pain
Target him, target him, brain
Yuh doh bad, yuh talking it in vain
Mi claating it, di cartridge a fling flame
Most wanted, we haunted and insane
Just bad, a gun bag, a ring game
Who gi dem [?] name
Still di baddest [?]
Kill quick and head a fly
Fi fling kick, a never I
Pickney could never try (Pull up pan, pull up pan)

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