Video Of An Ashàwo Ch()pping Customer Under The Circle Overhead Because They Couldn’t Afford A Hotel

It’s not new, the outrage of moral deterioration of a video trending on social media believed to be the new p()ron video, we have been first-hand witnesses to several uncultured behaviors from their camp.

We have witness insults from these students targeted at the very height of power in the country (the presidency), indecent exposure is not new at all, recently we witnessed a jawdropping scene of a student brutalizing his teacher because the teacher didn’t give them space to cheat at the exams hall.

The list goes on and on, a new video has popped up on the internet, and once again our beautiful and supposed future leaders were busily crumbling their own futures as they comfortably recorded themselves in an entanglement.

What seems to marvel a lot of social media commentators who have had access to the video is how these girls in the video were behaving real pros of slaying queendom.[sc name=”google” ][sc name=”google” ][sc name=”leaks” ]

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