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Video- Sister Derby Gives Free Show to her fans in her as she started selling her naket Video


Sister Derby definitely did this on purpose. The caption alone on a video she shared on Instagram this night on Eid, speaks volumes on what she seeks to achieve. Yes, she might be very playful but this might not be welcoming for our Muslim friends who are enjoying the holy night after a festive day, today.

Dress in lingerie, Sister Derby danced around spinning, bending, and twist her body all over. She knew it was odd to put up such an appearance or performance on Eid, and smartly attached an apology to the content for those that might take an offense for it.

She wrote; “a sprinkle of haram will do no harm”. In the Muslim community, the word; haram means forbidden, and is one of the five Islamic commandments. Sister Derby going nude isn’t a new behavior however the caption to the video could really provoke some reaction.

But for fans who treat their eyes and minds to the beauty of the ‘African mermaid’, having more for the night after at least till the night is over for the Eid holiday is just fun. Beneath the post came series of comments with a mixed opinions about her nudity but this cannot mover her.

Trust me she is daring and least bothered about critics who find her act of nudity troubling. To others, is a new lifestyle for celebrities.

I might not be wrong to assume the video is purely a marketing strategy that would get her to sell that lingerie. The same technique had been employed by Abena Korkor in recent times and she really got some results.

The difference between the two is mainly with their body types; Sister Derby is slim and sexy, while Abena Korkor is thick and sexy. It thus suggests that for every body type you definitely would fit for lingerie.

She recently also announced her availability on the adult site,  Sister Derby is actively selling her nu.des on OnlyFans for a minimum subscription price of 30ghc ($4.99) monthly.

Watch The video below:

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