Market women were ‘screaming Opetey 1 Opetey 1’ as Funny Face intentionally grinded someone’s girlfriendgirlfriend who was peacefully buying tomatoes and garden eggs at the market.

The video sighted by shataghana.net had the comedian dancing through a market square. At a point in time, he noticed a fine lady buying some items.

He then moved to her and grinded her soft backside before moving on while the market women gave him their full support.

Funny Face shared the video on his IG page with the caption:

GYE NYAME “ 🔥✊ Dis guy is not Normal 🤣 aswear 👎🔥🤣🙌 Gyimieee mu KWAME NKRUMAH 🔥🇬🇭🙏 … the People’s Choice .. No amount of Negative news and lies spread at him .. changes him or da love people have for him .. FOREVER BLESSED … GOD’s annoited one .. YAW BOATENG “ ✊🔥 .. “ GYE NYAME “ 🔥🔥✊ stilllllllllll “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “ 🔥✊

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