We’ve All Been Fooled! – Yaa Asantewaa Trends As It’s Revealed Her Popular Photo Is A Fake – Real Photo Emerges

Go back to your childhood and relearn your history because you’ve been fooled! Yaa Asantewaa is currently trending on Twitter, a real strange trend for a Monday morning.

The reason – apparently her super-popular photo which we all know of and which has been used for a statue in the Ashanti Region is a fake!

A Twitter user pointed this out in a tweet that has since gone viral. Some celebrities have also been tweeting about it as everyone is in shock.

“An American Girl Theatre Arts Student poses as Yaa Asantewaa in a bulletproof war jacket and combat holding a gun and this image has gone all over the world with some people thinking that the picture is real Yaa Asantewaa,” the account wrote.

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