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Yaw Tog – Sore ft. O’Kenneth x City Boy x Reggie & Jay Bahd

Yaw Tog - Sore ft. O'Kenneth x City Boy x Reggie & Jay Bahd
Yaw Tog – Sore ft. O’Kenneth x City Boy x Reggie & Jay Bahd

Yaw Tog – Sore Mp3 Download ft. O’Kenneth x City Boy x Reggie & Jay Bahd. Ghanaian Kumerican Yaw Tog has dropped a new bar tagged – Sore.

Sore by Yaw Tog is now the street anthem as he features O’kenneth, City Boy, Reggie, and Jay Bahd. Recently, he has announced the Remix of Sore which is likely to be featured by Stormzy and Kwesi Arthur

Have a listen to this massive Mp3 Audio Download below and share it.

Yaw Tog – Sore ft. O’Kenneth x City Boy x Reggie & Jay Bahd [Download]

Yaw Tog – Sore Video  Mp4 Download

Sore Lyrics By Yaw Tog ft. Jay Bahd, Reggie, City Boy & O’Kenneth


Yɛbɛ soreeee, eeeeehu
Ice on my gang neyɛ cool
Boys no yɛ hard, yɛ yɛ cool
Stamp on set
W’annfa dwaato amba diaa, Joe yekuu
Mene me gang, Santa boys
We don’t fear, we just do
Kumerica, sɛɛ enene nie
Owuo mpo suro, ɛnene nie
Car no amba aa, yɛbɛba, hey
Joe tse w’ani, mɛnnda
Car no amba aa, yɛbɛba o
Joe tse w’ani mɛnnda
Gettin’ my food
Niggas provoked
Santaboys, all we got, still be bold
Digging my gold, selling no soul
YGA kuta ma me na mekɔ oo
Hala me thug niggas
Santamerica-Miami fuɔr nyinaa yɛ me blood niggas
I don’t fuck with no false niggas
Niggas pretеnd on some false truth that they Lifе Living
They ain’t got no life living
In our circle, we scheme, we don’t earn salary
That’s a part of the living
Me ne me gang gang, hmmmm hmmm
Ade kɔkɔɔ bɔ me mu hmmmmm
Bandana… Suwoop!!
Me maame se ɔbɛka akyerɛ Aunty Susana
Outta my way, outta my way
These niggas keep on talking
Never did a thing they say
I’ve been trapping many years
I’m never scared, no way
No bragging
Outta my way, outta my
Yɛbɛ soreeee, eeeeehu
Me nnda mpo na m’asore
Mekɔ bank, mennkɔ asore
Mɛni gam ɛne stack
Me de atɔ asaase wɔ Asokore
Sendi [send] location no mebɛtom
Bad bitches no mebɛ wom
Wopɛsɛ wone gang behyiaa diaa
Bɛɛma checki [check] wobɔtom
Me nni time but meyɛ free
Getting money with no degree
Ntsi mbaa ba aa, meyɛ gee
Blood nigga from the city
Na mokaasɛ y’ada
City Boy mennpɛ matter
Mepɛ mills, frɛ me Atta
Yɛnnbɔ Fifa, yɛbɔ Akata
Yɛbɛ sore
Akataboys on the road
We coming with heat, yɛɛba abɛ toppi
Bandana bobɔ memu
Meyɛ bloody nigga, meeba abɛ balli
Me nni time for fake friends
Meyɛ akatani, meeba abɛ thuggi
No time to waste to time
When I move to you, don’t trip
Akataboy Bin Laden
Bandana bɔ memu, meni abri kɔɔ
When I trap in the scene, menntse
Meyɛ hard boy na afei m’atra apeetɔɔ
Mene boys in the scene, yɛnntse
Asoɔdin aboɔdin, yɛnnya aa, yɛnnkɔ… yeah ee yeah
Mene me gang, yɛɛbaa
Mene me gang all day, yennhu aa yɛnnka
Mene me dɔm mɛensa
Mene me dɔm di mekyi, yennhu aa, yɛnnfa
Mene akataboys
Akataboys yɛnnya, yɛnnda yeah
Yɛnnnya, yɛnnda
Yɛbɛ soreeee, eeeeehu
Huh okay okay, huh
Yɛ yɛ dɔm, mo ka Kro aa mo aka thousand
Yɛbɛ Tibi [beat-i] mo asesa mo housin’
Santamerica, Kumerica, yɛyɛ one thing
We don’t fear, we don’t’ hear, on nothing
Them thinking we bed but we up and awake
We on the road, y’all niggas for wait
Jay Bahd, huh
Ɔne akatafoɔ all over the State
COVID-19 but our music dey shake
Virgil asaka [akasa] diaa, you all for stay tune
Kumerica, we overtakin’…soon!
On the way to success
We them gang, Go-Lifers
Go be yourself, no others
Strippers dema address
Sipping lean with trappers
Overnight, we hunters
Kumerica, we baddest
The illest!
Hmmm hmm
Yeah, Jay Bahd uh!

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Yaw Tog

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