“Your man is very sweet, Anita,” a Side Chic Tells the Main chic How Good her boyfriend In bed (Video)

The moment a side chic boldly informed the main chick of the man she was in bed with that her boyfriend is good in bed is captured in video.

After devouring the almighty rod, the side chic boasted about his ability in bed and decided to inform Anita, the guy’s main chic.

The lady is seen lying on the bed with the dude in the video, swiftly switching on her phone camera and making a self-recorded video  that he’s too amazing in bod, both orally and otherwise.

In her teasing statement, the side asked the man’s unknown girlfriend to come to the bathr90om and remove her 9ant as her lover instructed.

According to her,“Anita, I’m with your boyfriend, he’s too sweet, he’s sabi…. you get it?” So your boyfriend says, “I tell you, bring your 9ants wey you hang for that restroom abeg, come pack am.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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